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meituan/EasySequence EasySequence is a powerful fundamental library to process sequcence type, such as array, set, dictionary. All type object which conforms to NSFastEnumeration protocol can be initialzed to an EZSequence instance, then you can operation with them. Finally, you can transfer them back to the original type. Language: Objective-C #collection #functional_programming #objective_c #sequence Stars: 103 Issues: 0 Forks: 4 https://github.com/meituan/EasySequence
insidegui/Sharecuts A public repository of shortcuts for the Shortcuts app Language: Swift Stars: 128 Issues: 15 Forks: 4 https://github.com/insidegui/Sharecuts
meituan/EasyReact Are you confused by the functors, applicatives, and monads in RxSwift and ReactiveCocoa? It doesn't matter, the concepts are so complicated that not many developers actually use them in normal projects. Is there an easy-to-use way to use reactive programming? EasyReact is born for this reason. Language: Objective-C #objective_c #objective_c_library #reactive_programming #reactive_streams Stars: 136 Issues: 0 Forks: 14 https://github.com/meituan/EasyReact
beyondcode/laravel-dump-server Bring Symfony's Var-Dump Server to Laravel Language: PHP Stars: 113 Issues: 0 Forks: 3 https://github.com/beyondcode/laravel-dump-server
iraycd/React-Redux-Styleguide This is a working set of guidelines for developing React applications. We say "guideline" because there are no hard-and-fast rules; best practices, patterns and technology change over time, so we consider this a living set of style guides. Stars: 130 Issues: 0 Forks: 6 https://github.com/iraycd/React-Redux-Styleguide
alexkuz/script-progress Estimate script execution time Language: JavaScript #cli #eta #npm #progress #yarn Stars: 132 Issues: 0 Forks: 2 https://github.com/alexkuz/script-progress
lopspower/LazyDatePicker This is an Android project to offer an alternative to the native Android Date Picker. Language: Java #android #datepicker #lazydatepicker Stars: 149 Issues: 1 Forks: 12 https://github.com/lopspower/LazyDatePicker
nccgroup/BurpSuiteHTTPSmuggler A Burp Suite extension to help pentesters to bypass WAFs or test their effectiveness using a number of techniques Language: Java #burpsuite #burpsuite_extender #bypass #waf Stars: 107 Issues: 0 Forks: 7 https://github.com/nccgroup/BurpSuiteHTTPSmuggler
dosyago-coder-0/brutal.js A crazy-small framework for building brutalist web applications Language: JavaScript Stars: 109 Issues: 0 Forks: 4 https://github.com/dosyago-coder-0/brutal.js
switchablenorms/Switchable-Normalization Language: Python Stars: 189 Issues: 0 Forks: 13 https://github.com/switchablenorms/Switchable-Normalization
android-in-china/Compatibility 用于反馈和跟踪国内 Android 设备/ROM 兼容性问题的公益项目 Stars: 233 Issues: 3 Forks: 1 https://github.com/android-in-china/Compatibility
samyk/frisky Instruments to assist in binary application reversing and augmentation, geared towards walled gardens like iOS and macOS Language: C++ Stars: 109 Issues: 0 Forks: 12 https://github.com/samyk/frisky
llSourcell/How-to-Use-GitHub This is the supplementary material for "How to Use GitHub" By Siraj Raval on Youtube Stars: 130 Issues: 2 Forks: 41 https://github.com/llSourcell/How-to-Use-GitHub
udacity/deep-reinforcement-learning Repo for the Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree program Language: Jupyter Notebook #cross_entropy #ddpg #deep_reinforcement_learning #dqn #dynamic_programming #hill_climbing #ml_agents #neural_networks #openai_gym #openai_gym_solutions #ppo #pytorch #pytorch_rl #reinforcement_learning #reinforcement_learning_algorithms #rl_algorithms Stars: 160 Issues: 2 Forks: 36 https://github.com/udacity/deep-reinforcement-learning
istarkov/rifm React Input Format & Mask, tiny (≈650b) component to transform any input component into formatted or masked input Language: JavaScript Stars: 222 Issues: 0 Forks: 5 https://github.com/istarkov/rifm
AlexiaJM/RelativisticGAN Code for replication of the paper "The relativistic discriminator: a key element missing from standard GAN" Language: Python Stars: 151 Issues: 0 Forks: 24 https://github.com/AlexiaJM/RelativisticGAN
llSourcell/100_Days_of_ML_Code These are the instructions for "100 Days of ML Code" By Siraj Raval on Youtube Stars: 176 Issues: 1 Forks: 41 https://github.com/llSourcell/100_Days_of_ML_Code
hazbo/httpu The terminal-first http client Language: Go Stars: 236 Issues: 3 Forks: 5 https://github.com/hazbo/httpu
timqian/hacker-job-trends Language: HTML Stars: 383 Issues: 8 Forks: 16 https://github.com/timqian/hacker-job-trends
pplux/px Single header C++ Libraries for Thread Scheduling, Rendering, and so on... Language: C++ Stars: 145 Issues: 2 Forks: 2 https://github.com/pplux/px